McConnell Foundation

Tim Brodhead, O.C.
Immediate past CEO, McConnell Foundation

Stephen Huddart
President and CEO, McConnell Foundation

Contributor to the CIP since 2015

“Our collaboration with Centraide began almost 50 years ago. For the McConnell Foundation, our natural partnership with Centraide involves sharing expertise to tackle common challenges. Thanks to our rewarding relationship of constructive give-and-take, the McConnell Foundation has helped Centraide become more aware of international practices, and Centraide has helped our foundation get closer to its Montreal roots. Even today, we are working together to better equip social leaders, or the people who are the keys to creating a society that is stronger, more resilient, and more inclusive. Centraide is a trusted organization that strives to improve its practices and ask the right questions at the right time to adapt to emerging needs. The Collective Impact Project, which our foundation is proud to  be involved in, is a great example of this!”