Legacy donors

Jean Gaulin and his family

Who would have thought that I would become closer to Centraide of Greater Montreal while living in Texas? My professional obligations had taken me abroad, and I served as a member of the Board at United Way San Antonio...

Bernard and Francine Dorval

Inspired by the idea of letting people realize their dreams and particularly dedicated to any cause that lets youth develop their full potential, Mr. and Ms. Dorval worked tirelessly for three years to establish the structure and operations of the Bernard and Francine Dorval Foundation.

Richard and Carolyn Renaud

Great philanthropists for nearly 40 years, the Renauds are true pioneers. Showing exemplary generosity towards Centraide and many other causes, this couple makes a mark through their charitable action from a desire to make the world a better place and a concern to continue the tradition of giving.

André Bérard

Life has been generous to me. It has enabled me to prosper and given me the freedom to act in the community. I’m entitled to enjoy the fruits of that prosperity during my lifetime, and I also want to leave something to my children. But the rest, I must return it to where it came from.