Our donors

Thousands of people contribute every year to Centraide’s campaign. These people come from all backgrounds but have in common the fact that they are concerned about poverty and want to help alleviate its effects.

Annual Campaign

Centraide’s annual campaign is the greatest show of solidarity with the less fortunate in Greater Montreal. Through this campaign, Centraide aims to reach out, raise awareness and mobilize as many people as possible in support of the outstanding work done by its funded agencies in fighting poverty and social exclusion in their neighbourhoods.

A diversity of donors

Companies and organizations

1,200 companies, organizations and unions support Centraide’s campaign by making a corporate donation and/or holding an employee campaign.

Workplace employees

105,000 people make a donation to Centraide. The majority of donors contribute through one of the 1,000 Centraide workplace campaigns.

Major Donors

More than 400 people make a personal donation of $10,000 or more.


More than 5 000 people make a personal donation of $1,200 or more.

Legacy Donors

Some people choose to include Centraide in their estate plans.

Individuals in the community

13 000 individuals solicited at home by direct mail contribute to the campaign also.