We are currently conducting an in-depth review of our investment strategy. As a result, we have temporarily suspended the bank of agencies awaiting funding from Centraide. The new acceptance conditions will be detailed on this page as soon as they are available.

or not?


Only agencies that are recognized as charities by Canada Revenue Agency and that work in the social field assisting disadvantaged groups in the territory served by Centraide of Greater Montreal are eligible to register with the bank of agencies eligible for funding from Centraide of Greater Montreal.

Not eligible

Agencies whose primary mission is of a political, religious, cultural or environmental nature, or directly related to the fields of housing, international cooperation, sports and recreation, community economic development, employability, fundraising, medical research, physical health or day care, are not eligible for Centraide funding. As well, Centraide does not fund activities of a cultural (concerts, art exhibitions, choirs), sporting or strictly recreational nature (hockey teams, ski clubs, sports demonstrations).

To be eligible for Centraide funding

An agency must meet the following criteria:

Be a private non-profit organization (NPO) ;

Be incorporated and recognized as a charity, and have a charitable registration number issued by Canada Revenue Agency ;

Offer services and activities within the territory served by Centraide of Greater Montreal (national, provincial and regional agencies must have an independent and representative division in Centraide of Greater Montreal’s territory) ;

Be managed by a board of directors composed of volunteers who are representative of the community served by the agency ;

Have no affiliation or declared ties with any kind of religious or political group ;

Make maximum use of volunteers at all levels of operation ;

Carry out activities that meet Centraide’s agency funding criteria and are in accordance with the guidelines set forth in the document entitled Strategic social development orientations of Centraide of Greater Montreal.

Does your agency meet all these criteria and do you wish to receive funding from Centraide?

If so, register your agency with the Bank of agencies eligible for Centraide funding.

You may register at any time. However, you must register before April 1 of any year to be selected for funding this year. Priority for selection for funding will given to agencies located in the territories currently under analysis.

Follow up on your registration 

Several hundred community agencies are registered with the Bank of agencies eligible for Centraide funding. To facilitate the management of this bank, the following procedure is applied:

The applicant agency’s eligibility for Centraide funding is evaluated.

Welcoming new agencies

Centraide’s ability to welcome new agencies in any given year depends on its financial capacity, and therefore on the result of its previous annual fundraising campaign.

New agencies are selected for funding based on Centraide’s allocations guidelines and on the avenues for investment identified in its territorial analyses, within the framework of a strategy aimed at supporting community development. Maintaining a bank of agencies eligible for funding allows Centraide to gain a better knowledge of the social development actors in each of the territories it serves, and to identify community agencies in the best position to contribute to the fight against poverty and exclusion.

To learn more about applying for Centraide funding, contact us.

Kindly note that Centraide contacts only those agencies that are being actively considered for funding. No correspondence is sent to the other agencies.