Why give?

To help families, children and youth overcome poverty

Too many families still lack the resources and support to provide their children with the right conditions to develop.

Immigrant families, which are numerous in Centraide’s territory, face additional challenges in integrating into their new community and guiding their children towards academic success.

Too many teens leave school without a diploma and risk becoming adults with low-paid and insecure jobs and risk getting caught up in a cycle of poverty that their children will likely fall into as well.

Too many marginalized people are socially excluded and at greater risk than others of finding themselves in a situation of poverty: street kids, seniors living alone, people with disabilities, people with mental health problems, new arrivals, visible minorities.

Because poverty has an impact on people’s life expectancy.

Because during the course of our lives, we may one day find ourselves in a situation of poverty which, although temporary, can have a major impact on us, our families and many aspects of our lives.

Why choose Centraide?

By giving to Centraide, you are supporting a network of community agencies which meet real needs (poverty, housing, food security, academic success, mental health, etc.) while helping people in difficulty (children, youth, women, men, people with disabilities). In Greater Montreal, one out of seven people receives support from an agency in Centraide’s network. You are therefore supporting several causes and several population groups over a vast territory.

In collaboration with local social stakeholders, Centraide identifies the most pressing social needs in each of the districts it serves. Its funding decisions are made by allocations committees composed of volunteers with a good knowledge of social development, and also of people like you and me who are actively involved in their community. The money donated to Centraide is invested judiciously for maximum impact on the less fortunate.

Every donation to Centraide is important. When pooled with the contributions of thousands of other donors and the investments of other social partners, your donation becomes a powerful lever for fighting poverty and social exclusion. Every dollar donated to Centraide has an impact on the less fortunate.