Toolbox for a successful campaign

A campaign that is #UNIGNORABLE!

Social issues too often go ignored. Whether in terms of food insecurity, housing, homelessness, school dropouts or social exclusion, we have to show that these issues are very real and present in our society. 
Ultimately, we want everyone to show their local love, but first we have to get their attention. 
To do just that, Centraide has partnered with the Pantone® Colour Institute to create #UNIGNORABLE—a colour designed specifically to highlight local issues.
This campaign is being deployed in Greater Montreal, and we are providing you with materials to continue the conversation with your company’s employees.

Our toolbox

You have access to many tools to help make your campaign a success. From posters and videos to testimonials and infographics, you can find plenty of
messages to encourage your coworkers to show their local love et d’ainsi favoriser le succès de votre campagne. Ils sont regroupés de deux manières :

  • Stories – 5 different stories consisting of 1 video each (except for Brenda’s story), 2 posters, 1 collection of photos, and 2 written testimonials (of someone helped and of a donor/volunteer).

  • Materials – Videos, posters, photos, stories, screen wallpapers, e-mail signatures, infographics, and digital brochures.

Darquis lives in a food desert. He goes to a Centraide-supported agency to eat better and spend time with his adopted family!

Darquis's Story

Leïla and Ludovic love writing letters to the kids’ help mailbox. But what they love getting answers even more!

Leïla and Ludovic's Story

AQPAMM, a Centraide agency, helped Gisèle find support for herself after her daughter’s mental illness diagnosis.

Gisèle's Story

Everyone in Saint-Michel knows Brenda. She’s a street outreach worker who’s there for young people in good times and bad.

Brenda's Story

Mélanie and her family were living in a substandard apartment. Thanks to Centraide agency, she found a new home and is starting her own business.

Mélanie's Story

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