Who are the women at the heart of what we do?

Women are pillars in the fight against poverty and marginalization. At Centraide, their contribution is priceless. They work on many levels, as volunteers, donors, community workers as well as committed to a program or an action aiming at improving their own quality of life. They are at the heart of many changes in their community and Greater Montreal.

But who are these women at the centre of Centraide’s action?


Those we help and who aspire to a better quality of life

Women are unfortunately at a higher risk of poverty and marginalization, particularly because their revenue is lower than men’s and because they often live alone or run a single-parent household.


They are at higher risk of poverty if they are:

  • Young mothers
  • Running a single-parent household
  • Elderly living alone
  • Immigrant or racialized


Their situation is sometimes troubling:

  • 40% of young mothers of single-parent families are poor despite being employed. They make less than $17,920 per year.
  • 8 single-parent households out of 10 are led by women. Their revenue is generally lower than men’s in the same situation and even more than those of two-parent households.
  • Almost a quarter of female seniors live with low income.
  • In Québec, recent female emigrants make each month $500 less than non-emigrant women.


Centraide supports them in their route to improve their life conditions

It supports:

  • A network of women’s centres with services adapted to the needs of these women and their families.
  • Shelters for women in crisis situations or homeless.
  • Hospitality and support agencies for immigrant women.
  • A network of agencies in Greater Montreal available to help women in poverty conditions: lodging, food supplies, isolation prevention, etc.



The women who make things happen

What do Tania Charron, Valérie Fortier and Natalie Chapman have in common? They make things happen in a remarquable way on the field, in their communities and among the most vulnerable ones. The three of them are also laureate of a Centraide Solidaires Award.

The Women who bring people together

They have merged under the name ELLES Centraide to encourage other women to become agents of change in the Greater Montreal community. They do it thru philanthropy and volunteering. They address a network of 1,300 women philanthropists.

They offer different activities:
  • A panel where Leader* donors or Great donors* can share their philanthropist vision
  • Mother child volunteering activities
  • Pairing of business women and employment seeking women
  • Workplace conferences aiming at potential new donors
  • And many more…



The ones who inspire Centraide

They share their vision within our board of directors, their expertise on social development with our allocation committee, their experience of the community sector with the campaign cabinet, their ideas within Génération Centraide and their philanthropist network within ELLES Centraide.