Welcome to our brand new website

Centraide’s website has gotten a facelift. Completely transformed, it is now a more effective resource for the general public as well as Centraide’s volunteers and agencies. Visitors can find information on poverty-related issues, Centraide-supported agencies, geographical areas served, donors, volunteers, and how to get involved in the organization of a campaign or in their community. This improved version offers a more intuitive interface, an enhanced research function, an easier integration of photos, videos and testimonies and, of course, the possibility of subscribing to RSS feeds and a newsletter.
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As for content, there are several novelties: socio-demographic data on the population of each neighbourhood or district, agency search by postal code, reports on the social issues of the day and innovative initiatives by the agencies, and sections highlighting the generosity, ingenuity and creativity of the workplace donors and volunteers who mobilize during the Centraide campaigns. Visit our website often and give us your feedback.