Our campaign

Centraide’s annual campaign is the greatest show of solidarity with the less fortunate in Greater Montreal. Through this campaign, Centraide aims to reach out, raise awareness and mobilize as many people as possible in support of the outstanding work done by its funded agencies in fighting poverty and social exclusion in their neighbourhoods.

The campaign is held each year from September to December. After kicking off with Centraide’s unique March of 1,000 Umbrellas—which brings together 20,000 people from its partner companies, organizations, unions and network of agencies—the huge public campaign goes into full swing, mobilizing Greater Montreal’s community and business leaders, workplace employees and general public.

Building bridges

Centraide’s annual campaign brings together those who contribute their time, money, know-how and networks with those who transform donations into caring initiatives in the agencies. The campaign is where people from various backgrounds put aside their differences in order to create a vast network of caring. Centraide builds bridges by:

  • Facilitating the development of closer ties between two very different groups: donors and community workers.
  • Being a living link between those who give and those who receive.
  • Sparking dialogues and new collaborative partnerships that will strengthen its network of community agencies.