Four good reasons to be a volunteer

July 11, 2019 •  By Centraide

Everyone can help transform their community. Why not you?

Every day, tens of thousands of volunteers are active throughout the city of Montreal. They might give some of their time to an agency, volunteer at a hospital, offer to help out their neighbours, or visit the elderly so they won’t get lonely. Whatever it is they choose to do, they’re choosing to give a little of their time to the community.

Our hectic lifestyles don’t put much value on volunteerism. But there’s so much to gain from volunteering – far beyond the simple satisfaction of doing someone some good. What if volunteering one’s time were really worth it? What if it actually turned out to be a “good investment”?

We have four great reasons for why you should get volunteering.

1 – Beef up that résumé

Whether you’re just starting your career or you’re a well-rounded professional, volunteering can be an important asset on a résumé. When you show you’re involved in community service, you show employers that you’re passionate and not afraid to go above and beyond the call. Volunteering also shows that you have discipline and dedication, which are qualities that are sure to impress any employer.

2 – Develop new talents

Volunteering isn’t just a matter of helping out by doing boring tasks that no one else wants to do. Quite the contrary: if you show initiative and a desire to work, we’ll want to trust you with more important responsibilities. You’ll learn to work with limited resources, and while that may sometimes be frustrating, it’s a skill that has many benefits. Working for a agency encourages you to learn to set priorities, to be creative, and to get by with less. You may have the opportunity to lead projects from beginning to end, or maybe you can develop your leadership by overseeing teams of volunteers. There’s always something to learn!

3 – Meet new people

By volunteering, you’ll get to meet all kinds of people. Whether you get involved with patients in a hospital, help kids or teens with homework, or visit seniors in a residence, it’s a safe bet that you’ll learn a lot from whoever you volunteer to help. Listen to their stories; there’s a lot to learn from their joys, their sorrows, their resilience… Share a laugh with them, and benefit from amazing life lessons. You’ll be the better for it. And the employees who work at the agency where you volunteer are also worth getting to know. These are people who have decided to dedicate their lives to helping others. Who knows, maybe you’ll find it’s your calling, too!

4 – Transform the community… and feel great about it!

Everyone’s looking to find a deeper meaning to our lives, and volunteering is a sure way to get there. There are thousands of ways to do some good around you, starting with taking care of your family and friends, and the community in which you live. When you regularly give a little of your time to a cause that’s important to you, you’re helping improve your environment and the lives of everyone who lives there. You’re doing good for others, but you’ll find you’re doing even more for yourself. Try it out – you’ll see!