Provide food security

To ensure everyone can access healthy and varied food

In a developed country like ours where you can always find an abundant variety of fresh, healthy food, it's difficult to believe that people can experience food insecurity. However, this is the case for over 200,000 people in Greater Montreal.

Thanks to your donations, Centraide supports a network of 89 agencies and projects that provide emergency food assistance and that above all help individuals and families find lasting solutions to make sure they get enough nutritious food. An annual investment of $4.7 M, which makes Centraide the largest private funder in food security in Greater Montreal.

Concrete and lasting initiatives:
  • Collective kitchens
  • Educational workshops
  • Collective gardens
  • Thrift stores
  • Community grocery stores
  • Food distribution

Food has enormous power to bring people together. Around a good cup of coffee or piece of pie, people become more comfortable and trust each other. Community meals, coffee klatches and lunch meetings are often a gateway to other types of support. This explains why so many agencies include occasional food activities in their regular programming.