Prevent homelessness

To make sure young people don't fall between the cracks

Intervening at critical times in their lives can help them overcome hardship, develop their independence, and continue their path on a more solid foundation. 

Thanks to your donations, Centraide supports a network of 21 agencies and projects that work with youth who are in difficulty or at risk of homelessness or social exclusion. An annual investment of $2 M.

Preventing homelessness is the key component of this network's actions. By attacking the key factors of homelessness before youth find themselves on the street, we can make sure they don't fall into a chronic cycle of poverty and instability.

Concrete and lasting initiatives:
  • Street work and community work (in schools and at parks)
  • Help and referrals
  • Personalized support
  • Places for youth to gather and carry out positive projects
  • Educational workshops (drug addiction prevention, budgets, self-esteem development)
  • Community meals and community kitchens
  • Supervised apartments for youth in difficulty