Your gift


3 at-risk primary school children will receive the necessary school supplies from a neighbourhood thrift store to start the year off right.


A child from a disadvantaged background spends two weeks at a summer day camp in a community agency.


25 educational games are bought and loaned out free of charge to families in need to stimulate child learning.


10 families get a 3-hour professional consultation via live chat so that they can find solutions to problems related to their child’s education or parent-child relationships.

Support youth success


Isolation and distress in children can often go unnoticed. Many children like Leïla and Ludovic can express their emotions and talk about their problems by writing letters to anonymous volunteers at a Centraide-supported agency. They can do this thanks to the generosity of people like Francis, without whom Centraide couldn’t support 350 agencies, which act where needs are greatest.


Did you know?

In Greater Montreal, too many families still lack the resources and support to provide their children with the right conditions to develop.

Too many children start kindergarten unprepared and accumulate multiple delays that may impact their entire school careers.

Too many teens leave school without a diploma and risk becoming adults with low-paid and insecure jobs and risk getting caught up in a cycle of poverty that their children will likely fall into as well.

Centraide acts

By giving each child a good start in life and support throughout their lives until they reach adulthood.