Promote the social inclusion of people with disabilities

To ensure that a disability is not an obstacle to finding a place in society

People with disabilities have the same aspirations as everyone else. They want to learn, get around, work and have fun. And contribute to society.

Thanks to your donations, Centraide supports a network of 34 agencies and projects that promote the social integration of people with a physical or intellectual disability. Annual investment of $2.2 M.

This integration takes place in many ways at key moments in life (starting daycare or school, transitioning to independence, entering the job market).

Supporting the families of people with disabilities and encouraging them to get involved in collective issues (universal accessibility, right to support) are also at the heart of their mission.

Concrete and lasting initiatives:
  • Information and referral
  • Social skills development workshops
  • Community integration activities (e.g., collective kitchens, pairing)
  • Support groups and family respite
  • Defence of individual and collective rights