Paul Desmarais Jr

February 2018

A caring, committed and respected businessman, Mr. Paul Desmarais, Jr., has built solid bridges between the business community and Centraide for 20 years, particularly as co-chair of the Centraide Campaign in 1998 and as founder and honorary chair of the Major Donors’ Circle since 1997.

In these roles, he served with strength, passion, generosity, conviction and leadership, and he gave endlessly of his time and talent. His impact on Centraide is easily measured in the size of the Major Donors’ Circle, which has nearly 500 members, and in the relationships he forged with the community sector and social entrepreneurs. He has left a true legacy that Centraide will continue to build on.

Mr. Desmarais, Jr., stepped down as honorary chair of the Major Donors’ Circle in fall 2017, but he will certainly continue to help advance Centraide’s mission.

In addition to receiving the 2018 Michèle Thibodeau-DeGuire Award, Mr. Desmarais, Jr., has become our first Governor Emeritus in recognition of his outstanding contribution to Centraide’s advancement and his exemplary support in the fight against poverty and social exclusion.