Report to our community 2019-2020

Here is our Report to our Community, to introduce you to our actions and investments in 2019–2020, as well as our activities related to COVID-19 as of July 10, 2020.
More than ever, this year’s report bears witness to the huge wave of generosity and community spirit that Greater Montreal has shown.

Enjoy your reading! 

Our report to our community at a glance

Word from the president and executive director and the chair of the board of directors

Greater Montreal was hit particularly hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. As community agencies saw an uptick in demand, Centraide of Greater Montreal jumped into action… Lili-Anna Pereša and Robert Dumas take stock of the situation.

Local love in a global crisis

Individual donors as well as organizations and foundations responded to Centraide of Greater Montreal’s appeal with amazing solidarity. With the addition of government aid, we have been able to allocate more than $16M to agencies in Greater Montreal, to help them meet the direst needs during COVID-19!

Undeniable social expertise

Relying on its acute knowledge of community dynamics and the needs of underprivileged people, Centraide is able to invest the donations from its annual campaign wisely. $49.4M was invested in 2019–2020!

Engaged and effective agencies

Each year, Centraide highlights the exceptional work of people, groups, agencies and projects through its Solidaires Awards. A way to shine a spotlight on the efforts behind a stronger and more inclusive community.

Tangible actions for student retention, food security, housing, and much more

Centraide works generally to combat poverty and social exclusion by prioritizing concrete action in neighbourhoods in collaboration with the agencies we support. This allows us to give each person an equal chance of success and build a stronger and fairer Greater Montreal.

Towards systemic change with the CIP

After 3 years of implementation in communities, the Collective Impact Project (CIP) continues its progress with more than $8.5M invested so far. To find out how we're creating systemic change in neighbourhoods,

Thank you!

To make all this possible, we are fortunate to have the support of donors, partners, volunteers, and tireless workers. #UnstoppableCommunitySpirit