Homelessness in Montreal

New faces of homelessness, risk factors, the numbers...

Our investment in 2018-2019

How much? Where? Why? How? All these answers in our infographic.

Our impact in the Sud-Ouest neighbourhoods

By giving to Centraide, you are helping Greater Montreal neighbourhoods take action to help are most vulnerable citizens.

See what the Sud-Ouest neighbourhoods can accomplish thanks to your donations.

We can't quit now

Although the graduation rate in Montreal is improving, we still have a lot of work to do, as too many students still drop out. And twice as many young people in disadvantaged areas leave high school before graduating.

Buy food or pay rent?

Over 200,000 people in Greater Montreal suffer from food insecurity.

But what does “food insecurity” mean? And how can people overcome this problem? Get the answers in our infographic.

Growing up poor

In Montreal, one out of four children grows up in a family that lives with a low income.

Discover the troubling data that shows how growing up in poverty has consequences throughout life.

Working while poor

In Greater Montreal, 40% of people living in poverty work.

Learn more about this troubling situation that affects more and more individuals and families in Greater Montreal.