Campaign volunteers

Centraide’s annual campaign mobilizes a network of 23,000 volunteers, from a wide range of professional backgrounds, whose generous involvement makes possible the success of this vast fund drive. Among these volunteers:

The Campaign Co-Chairs

The Campaign Co-Chairs are two influential Greater Montrealers, committed and endowed with remarkable leadership. They are responsible for developing campaign strategies and leading the Campaign Cabinet towards the attainment of new goals.

+ Co-Chairs of the 2020 Campaign

+ Past Campaign Co-Chairs

The members of the Campaign Cabinet

The members of the Campaign Cabinet request the active support of companies and organizations in every sector of economic activity. Each member of the Cabinet is responsible for a particular field of activity and directs his or her own team of volunteers.

+ 2020 Campaign Cabinet

The members of the Major Donors Cabinet

The members of the Major Donors Cabinet raise individual donations of $10,000 or more.

+ 2020 Major Donors Cabinet

The Employee Campaign Directors (ECD)

The Employee Campaign Directors (ECD) organize the employee campaigns in their respective workplaces. They recruit, train, lead and motivate the members of their campaign committees with a view to attaining a set financial goal.

+ Becoming a Employee Campaign Director

The Leadership Campaign Directors (LCD)

The Leadership Campaign Directors (LCD) organize the Leadership Campaigns in their respective workplaces. They recruit donors of $1,200 or more among senior executives and high earners.

+ Becoming a Leadership Campaign Director

The Agency Speakers

The Agency Speakers are representatives of Centraide-supported agencies. They visit workplaces that conduct a Centraide campaign in order to raise awareness of the services and activities offered by their agencies to help the less fortunate.