Alan MacIntosh with the members of his team, TechAide



Winner of the 2018 Solidaires Innovation


TechAide is a group of players from the new tech industry created in 2016 to support Centraide and increase opportunities for people in this sector to get together and get involved. The group is supported by the personal commitment of about twelve active volunteers and ten ambassadors, who include the leaders of companies such as Google, Real Ventures, Busbud, Diagram, Carebook and Element AI.

Flexibility and innovation are what make this initiative work. TechAide launched a philanthropic approach that has been customized to the new tech sector. The activities it organized in 2017 aimed above all to encourage discussion between different stakeholders (self-employed workers, established or startup companies, private equity firms, and the academic community) and generate interest in Centraide.

TechAide ran many activities to raise money and reach out to the Montreal tech community: a cocktail reception launch at Notman House, neighbourhood tours, an agency visit, a game night at Google, and a Christmas campaign for underprivileged children. TechAide has a long-term vision and participatory approach that welcomes new projects and ideas from volunteers. What a tremendous incubator for involvement!

The Solidaires Innovation is awarded to a company, group of people or campaign committee that has stood out through an innovative and original activity, project or event that has brought people together during a Centraide campaign.