Solotech, winner of the 2019 NextGen Solidaires.

Solotech’s third Centraide campaign in 2018 was one for the record books.

Employees and senior managers alike were committed to making a difference in the community, and their remarkable efforts had a very positive effect on their campaign results.

In addition to personally canvassing potential Leader Donors and Major Donors, senior executives took part in many activities to cheer on the troops, such as:

  • Launching the campaign with an agency spokesperson.
  • Matching employee donations.
  • Asking external clients and suppliers in Quebec, Canada, and the United States for donations.
  • Unveiling the campaign results at a gala event.

Their result speaks for itself, as the campaign saw an increase of 350% over 2017. 

The Solidaires NextGen is awarded to a company or organization that has stood out with a Centraide campaign that they have only recently launched at their workplace.