Les syndicats et les associations, Hydro-Québec

(From left to right) Johanne Duhaime, vice-présidente Technologies de l’information et des communications; Marie-Josée Doray; Catherine Boily-Tremblay; Nadia Aristyl; Victor Silvestrin-Racine, directeur de la Campagne Centraide des employés et retraités d’Hydro-Québec; Yan Gaudet, Co-président de la Campagne Centraide 2017 et Président du SERHQ; Jean Goyer, Trésorier de l’APRHQ et responsable de la campagne pour l’APRHQ; Manuela Clément-Frencia et Véronique Allaire.


Les syndicats (SCFP-FTQ : Sections locales 1500, 5735, 2000, 4785, 957, 4250; SPIHQ, SPSI) et les associations (APCPNHQ, APRHQ) d'Hydro-Québec

Winners of the 2018 Solidaires Union Leadership


At Hydro-Québec, 93% of employees are unionized. A positive dynamic between management and the trade unions was essential to the success of the Centraide campaign. An employee who is a union member got involved on the organizing committee. This employee attended all weekly meetings and was actively involved to ensure everything went smoothly and everyone felt like they had a say, particularly at follow-up meetings with the different union locals.

A regional tour was held for each union local to invite everyone to support Centraide. Different locals did fundraising activities, like a golf tournament that had many people come together. A shared desire to make a difference in the community through Centraide was what guaranteed the success of the campaign, as the amount raised from unionized employees increased compared to 2016. Hydro-Québec’s labour-management partnership demonstrated once again how much the company values generosity.

The Solidaires Union Leadership is awarded to a unionized workplace and its affiliated unions that have demonstrated exemplary partnership and active collaboration between management, unions, and non-unionized employees to run a Centraide campaign.