Josée St-Onge

Josée St-Onge, Partner, Quebec Risk Assurance Leader, Co-Sponsor for Women in leadership, with the members of her team, PwC


Josée St-Onge, PwC

Winner of the 2018 Coup de coeur Citizen Involvement


Thanks to her involvement and belief in Centraide’s mission, Josée St-Onge managed to create a dynamic and effective campaign team that is a true reflection of PwC. Ms. St-Onge surrounded herself with an organizing committee of about thirty people and set an example through her enthusiasm and constant attendance at daily meetings. This cheerful, engaged and motivated leader doesn’t hesitate to put her professional skills to the service of Centraide. By rallying the troops with a clear vision and a solid campaign strategy, she showed leadership to reach every campaign goal. In addition to canvassing Leaders (donors of $1,200 or more) and their external networks, Ms. St-Onge launched an innovative walk for Centraide that 200 people took part in. She also got young employees involved by changing the campaign's image and their perceptions about what it means to donate.

The results speak for themselves, as the company saw increases in both employee participation in the amount raised for their Centraide campaign. Beyond these numbers, Josée St-Onge was a key figure behind a revamped campaign that got an entire company behind the Centraide cause.


The Solidaires Citizen Involvement is awarded to a workplace campaign committee, an employee and/or Leadership campaign director, an ambassador, or a volunteer who has shown exceptional commitment to a Centraide campaign.