Investissement Québec

Danielle Dansereau, and Marie Zakaïb with the members of their team, Investissement Québec


Investissement Québec

Winner of the 2018 Solidaires StartUp


The first campaign that Investissement Québec ran for Centraide stood out through its effectiveness. Led by a member of management who served as honorary chair, their campaign was supported by an effective campaign director and a committee of ambassadors of six employees from all levels of the company. These employees were trained and given tools to educate their coworkers and answer their questions.

The honorary chair sent all employees an invitation to the campaign launch. The team organized many activities, such as the testimonial of a spokesperson from a Centraide-supported agency and a tuque and hat sale. Investissement Québec also targeted potential Leaders (donors of $1,200 or more), who received a personalized letter along with reminder emails inviting them to give.

The efforts of the organizing committee and their inspiring commitment generated great enthusiasm among employees, and this helped the company raise almost twice the amount of their set campaign goal.

The Solidaires StartUp is awarded to a company or organization that has stood out with a Centraide campaign that they have only recently launched at their workplace.