Charitable gifts are a great way to give back

Charitable gifts are an increasingly popular item under the Christmas tree. Not only do they bring joy to the people who get them, but they also give hope to people most in need. Below are two great examples of charitable gifts:

Les Champêtreries de l’Auberge du cœur l’Escalier

Auberge du cœur l’Escalier is an agency in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve that provides a place to stay for young adults in difficulty aged 18 to 30. The agency launched a fine goods company about 20 years ago to give these young people a chance to develop their skills. They prepare orders, manage the warehouse, advise clients and get valuable work and life experience. Cattail hearts, onion and cranberry jams, maple and blueberry ostrich terrines, and other delicacies are sold and distributed throughout Quebec. You can also find them at Aux Champêtreries, the agency's shop at the Marché Maisonneuve.



L’Atelier uses art to help people with mental health problems integrate both socially and professionally. Through artistic creations in the discipline of their choice (weaving, stained glass making, silkscreening, textile printing, enamel on copper, embroidery, etc.), workshop participants come at their handicrafts from a different angle and learn a new way to achieve their goals. They find a new sense of self-esteem, take control over their lives, and improve their relationships. You can find the fruits of their creativity at the agency’s shop on Jeanne-Mance Street in Montreal. For each item sold, half the profits go back to the artist.


The Centraide campaign runs until the end of December. You can support over 350 agencies in Greater Montreal that fight poverty and social exclusion, such as L’Atelier and the Auberge du cœur l’Escalier.

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