Our investment in 2017-2018


Centraide of Greater Montreal has given over one billion dollars to the community since its founding

Centraide of Greater Montreal will give $42.4M to the community in 2017, which brings its investment to over one billion dollars since it was created.  

The money invested this year will go toward responding to social issues in the Greater Montreal region, where communities and the face of poverty are changing.


Social expertise that benefits neighbourhoods

With solid roots in Montreal, which is celebrating its 375th anniversary this year, Centraide is the heir to a long tradition of caring and generosity. For 42 years, Centraide has relied on Montreal residents, agencies, businesses and institutions to help build a more just and inclusive society. “Laval, Montreal and the South Shore would not look like they do today without this constant support, which is always adapted to people's actual needs,” said Lili-Anna Pereša, President and Executive Director of Centraide of Greater Montreal.

When it comes to poverty, each neighbourhood, town and city faces diverse realities and issues. By investing proactively and strategically, Centraide aims to concretely improve people’s lives in the long term. 

In Greater Montreal, 18% of people live on a low income.


Funding adapted to the community’s needs

This year, Centraide will allocate $40.8M to nearly 350 community agencies and projects in the Greater Montreal region to continue the fight against poverty and social exclusion. These agencies work to support youth success, take care of the essentials, break social isolation, and build caring communities.

To meet needs, Centraide will also make a more intensive investment of $1.6M in 17 Montreal neighbourhoods through a partnership with the eight major foundations of the Collective Impact Project (CIP). The CIP supports actions that neighbourhoods have identified to reduce poverty. By focusing investment in a given territory, the CIP maximizes the impact on people’s lives in an innovative, faster and more efficient way.

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