Mouvement PHAS

April 2016

Harnessing the strength of a network to make everyone stronger: this is what Mouvement PHAS has done, on behalf of hundreds of individuals and agencies, to defend the right of people with disabilities to get the health and social services they require. 

The need to create a single and unique voice came from the idea of investing in collective impact instead of the efforts of individual agencies in the disabilities sector, which has faced a colossal challenge to ensure that needs of all clienteles are recognized and met.

This is why Mouvement PHAS was created: to give a unified voice to previously separate demands. The goal is also to increase public awareness of how important it is for people to access enough of the right services, at the right time, and within an acceptable timeframe. Because of their multiple vulnerabilities, people with disabilities have to fight to enforce their right to be active in society and have power over their lives.

Over time, Mouvement PHAS has developed around the strengths and roles that each member can play. The disabilities sector has mobilized all of its stakeholders to work together to reach common goals. 

With a number of successes under its belt, Mouvement PHAS has been particularly active in the past year, and its leadership is recognized by the entire sector. For example, it has drawn attention to the potential negative impact on access to services for people with disabilities due to the reform of the health and social services network. 

Lately, it has publicly denounced the more stringent eligibility requirements for social integration programs, which have excluded people with a physical or intellectual disability. 

Centraide has been supporting Mouvement PHAS since 2005.

Mouvement des personnes handicapées pour l’accès aux services (PHAS) is the winner of the Solidaires Mobilization 2016.