Santa’s New Clothes

This story was told by Lucie, from the Maison des enfants de l’île de Montréal.

Every year, we organize a big Christmas party with Santa and the Christmas fairy. The same volunteer has been dressing up as Santa for many years now. (Don’t tell the kids!)

This year, our poor Santa got very sick and had to go to the hospital. He was very sad he couldn’t don his trademark red suit, white beard and red hat. But we were so relieved when another volunteer offered to take over the role.

On the big day, our backup Santa realized he had forgotten half his costume at home. There was no time to go back: the party was about to start, and the children were already bursting at the seams waiting for Santa to arrive.

Our panicked volunteers and staff members got to work finding bits of costume to replace the missing pieces: a pillow as Santa’s tummy, some cotton as his beard, and a housecoat as his jacket.

I won’t lie to you: our Santa Claus looked a bit rough around the edges! We were all so worried about how the children would react. Yet, when the curtain lifted and Santa appeared in his makeshift costume, the children cried out in amazement even more so than in previous years.

Once again, the children taught us a valuable lesson. We adults are the ones who stress out over every little detail; for them, what’s really important is experiencing the magic of Christmas.

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