The Good Fairy

This story was told to us by Vanessa, Director of the Baobab Familial.

A few years ago, a single mother who received services at our agency told us she would have to miss her daughter’s Christmas pageant because she couldn’t get time off work.

The thought of her little girl on stage without anyone to encourage her, while the other children would have at least one—if not many—family members cheering them on, filled her eyes with tears.

Because of her vulnerable financial situation, she couldn’t risk her job, even if it meant missing out on a unique moment in her child’s life. She simply didn’t have a choice.

On the day of the show, when the little girl arrived on stage in her fairy costume, her eyes lit up brighter than a Christmas tree when she spotted the familiar face of her favourite staff member from the Baobab Familial. After hearing about the situation from a colleague, the woman decided to spend her afternoon off at the pageant so that the little girl would have someone in the audience to applaud her and cheer her on.

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