Our little Christmas miracles

Little miracles happen in the Centraide network throughout the year, but the holidays lend themselves particularly well to marvel and wonder. Here are three stories of holiday magic from agencies that see miracles every day.

Abdou's Christmas

Four-year old Abdou is from Morocco, where it isn't customary to celebrate Christmas. At the preschool of the Centre Communautaire Val-Martin, he wonders how Santa will ever find him?

Santa's New Clothes

Every year, the Maison des enfants de l’île de Montréal organizes a big Christmas party with Santa and the Christmas fairy. But what happens when one year Santa forgets part of his costume at home?

The Good Fairy

A few years ago, a single mother who was receiving services at the Baobab Familial had to miss her daughter’s Christmas pageant because of work. Would her daughter have no one to cheer her on in her fairy costume? 

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