Yves Déziel

April 2003

Yves Déziel first became involved in the Centre d'intégration à la vie active pour les personnes vivant avec un handicap physique (C.I.V.A.) in 1983, an agency which helps people with physical disabilities to integrate into society and gain greater access to public facilities..

A businessman by profession, Yves Déziel is also an exceptionally dedicated and hard-working volunteer who has been serving as vice-chair of the agency's board of directors for over ten years. An experienced coach and umpire, he helped to establish C.I.V.A.'s adult basketball league and also works with young people at the Centre. By supporting them and encouraging them to participate in organized sports activities, he has helped many disabled youth to develop their abilities, self-confidence and potential.

Through his exemplary involvement and leadership in the community, Yves Déziel has encouraged disabled persons to lead a full and active life while helping to make many activities newly accessible to them.

Centraide has supported the C.I.V.A. since 1972.