Richard Held

April 2013

The demands of having three children with an intellectual disability have never diminished Richard Held’s desire for social involvement. In fact, quite the opposite is true: his experiences have made his commitment all the more meaningful.

The WIAIH, which provides services to people with intellectual handicaps or autism, has counted on this committed and loyal volunteer since 1989. Over the years, Richard Held has made skillful use of his outstanding social abilities to allow the WIAIH to develop and become better known in the community. With Richard Held, the organization benefits from a proactive spokesperson who has a talent for bringing people together, who is an agent for positive change, and who can motivate its staff and its volunteers to do better.

Richard Held has continually courted his extensive network of contacts to raise awareness among his new partners and the community about the challenges facing people with an intellectual disability or autism and their families. He has never hesitated to promote the WIAIH to increase its visibility in the media and among various community groups.

From 1990 to 1996, Richard Held served as President of the WIAIH Board of Directors and successfully led a number of several fundraising campaigns. The WIAIH has always been able to count on him to organize its annual golf tournament.

As a member of the community, Richard Held’s qualities of empathy, generosity, enthusiasm and leadership have set a high benchmark. As a volunteer, he is appreciated by both employees and users of the WIAIH.

Centraide has supported WIAIH: for people with an intellectual disability or autism since 1975.
Richard Held is the winner of the Solidaires Citizen Involvement 2013.