Pierre-Paul Tellier

April 2014

A loyal volunteer at Head & Hands/À deux mains, Dr. Pierre-Paul Tellier has been providing care and lending a supportive ear to Montreal's most marginalized youth since the start of his career. Thanks to his human-focused and non-traditional medical approach, he has created relationships of trust that allow the agency to work in the area of prevention with young people facing multiple problems.

Located in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, Head & Hands/À deux mains provides psychosocial and legal services to improve the quality of life of young people, no matter what their choices. For 32 years, no fewer than 20,000 people have passed through the doors of this agency to see Pierre-Paul Tellier during his few hours of weekly practice—young people who, out of fear of being judged, would have never consulted the services in traditional networks.

At Head & Hands/À deux mains, Pierre-Paul Tellier has treated young people who don't have health insurance or who live from prostitution. He has listened to and comforted women who have been sexually assaulted. He has taken seriously the mental health problems of young homeless people who use drugs. He has shown compassion to young transsexuals whose identity issues have led other resources to see them as “sick.” He has created bridges so that staff at Head & Hands/À deux mains can, in their own way, help these young people get through their difficulties.

Currently an associate professor and the Director of Student Health at McGill University, Pierre-Paul Tellier is considered a North American expert in the health of at-risk youth. He has influenced the practice of many student doctors. His profound commitment to Head & Hands/À deux mains goes beyond the medical profession: he also sat for 12 years on its board of directors, including 10 years as its chair.

Centraide has supported Head & Hands / À deux mains since 1978.

Pierre-Paul Tellier is the winner of the Solidaires Citizen Involvement 2014.