Lucille Girard

April 2005

Lucille Girard is co-founder of the Maison des grands-parents de Villeray, a “grandparents” centre which offers seniors the opportunity to participate in socio-familial activities and to develop ties with the members of younger generations. A mother of eleven, this great-hearted woman has always demonstrated her empathy by offering support and comfort to those around her.

As an active volunteer with many community agencies in the Villeray district since 1975, she has demonstrated outstanding leadership in bringing together people from different cultural communities, and in promoting intergenerational ties based on caring and reciprocity.

Mrs. Girard has also frequently acted as an advocate for the cause of children, teens and seniors in the media and at conferences, speaking with warmth and gentle confidence on behalf of community agencies which are dedicated to these groups but often lack the necessary resources to meet their needs.

In addition to serving as a director of the Maison des grands-parents de Villeray, Mrs. Girard was a member of the board of Villeray Quartier en santé, the Table de concertation des aînés de Villeray, the organizing committee for the 75th anniversary celebrations of the Caisse populaire Sainte-Cécile, Le Pélican Golden Age club, the inter-agency association for a family policy in Quebec, and the regional board of FADOQ Montréal.

Centraide has supported the Maison des grands-parents de Villeray since 1996.