Juliette Noël

April 2006

A person of remarkable generosity, Juliette Noël is a highly committed woman in her seventies who gives over 1,000 hours of volunteer work every year to various caring organizations in her community and the Veterans’ Hospital of Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue. Always available to listen, support and comfort people who are alone or sick as well as immigrant or low-income families, Ms. Noël is an abiding source of inspiration for everyone who comes into contact with her.

As part of the meals program offered by the Projet communautaire de Pierrefonds, she helps prepare the dining room and cook meals for some fifty low-income families. She is also a volunteer for her parish church. As a volunteer, Juliette Noël offers more than just her time. Her dedication is part of her very being, and her involvement, based on values of the heart, allows her to give full expression to her many talents. A cook, seamstress and do-it-herselfer in her spare time, she makes the clothes and objects that she offers to others as gifts.

Centraide has supported the Projet communautaire de Pierrefonds since 2004.