Claude Caron

April 2005

Claude Caron, a social worker and visual impairment rehabilitation officer by profession, founded L’Antre-Temps Longueuil in 1985. This youth agency offers food, shelter and support to distressed young people between the ages of 16 and 21, for a period ranging from one day to six months.

At first Mr. Caron drew a salary for his position of agency coordinator and community worker. But then he chose to take a night job so that he could afford to contribute to L’Antre-temps’ development during the day as a volunteer. Since then, he has dedicated himself to promoting its cause and to seeking funding and recognition for its work from elected officials and government agencies.

Claude Caron’s loyalty to the agency’s mission, and his courage and determination is defending its cause, have born fruit. Over the years, thanks to the exceptional involvement and initiative of this husband, father and volunteer, L’Antre-temps has helped 5,000 young people to extricate themselves from street-life and find their place in society.

Claude Caron also contributed to the creation of a provincial association of youth agencies – between them, the association’s 27 member agencies have reached 30,000 young people. Through his ceaseless efforts to oppose exclusion and help disadvantaged youth build a future for themselves, Mr. Caron has become a leading promoter of social change as well as an inspiring model of caring and generosity.

Centraide has supported the Auberge du coeur l'Antre-temps Longueuil since 1986.