Involved volunteers

Parents’ Committee for the 18th Saint-Michel Gala for Newborns

Thanks to the involvement of local immigrant women, forty families from the Saint-Michel community get the chance to be celebrated at the annual Newborn Gala. 

Volunteeers of the Legal Information Clinic at the Women's Y

For over 25 years, the Legal Information Clinic at the Women's Y of Montreal has been improving access to the legal system by providing legal information to women and families in Montreal.

Vicky Blanchard

After receiving support from The Maison de la Famille de St-François, Vicky Blanchard got involved to promote its mission and benefits.

Mohamed Maazami

Mohamed Maazami and his wife came to Quebec in 1989 and quickly became attached to their new neighbourhood of Saint-Michel in Montreal.

Volunteers from JAME

Armed with tact, perseverance and books, a group of 130 volunteers makes weekly personal visits to family homes. For an hour, they focus all their attention on a single child to communicate the pleasure of reading and share in a world of discovery.

Tássia Camões

Since she began her position in 2011 as Executive Director, Daphné Mailloux-Rousseau has been a driver of true growth for this only agency in the Sud-Ouest territory that fights to keep students from dropping out of school.

Jean-Pierre Phaneuf, Jean-Guy Marsan, Huguette Piché and Louis-André Bellemare, volunteers, L’Ancre

These four volunteers have more than 66 years of experience between them promoting school perseverance at L’Ancre des Jeunes.

Pierre-Paul Tellier

A loyal volunteer at Head & Hands / À deux mains, Dr. Pierre-Paul Tellier has been providing care and lending a supportive ear to Montreal's most marginalized youth since the start of his career.

Richard Held

The demands of having three children with an intellectual disability have never diminished Richard Held’s desire for social involvement. In fact, quite the opposite is true: his experiences have made his commitment all the more meaningful.

Rosario Demers

After pursuing a career in the field of international cooperation, Rosario Demers wanted to make a difference in his own neighbourhood. The challenge was daunting, because a great urban mix characterize the Faubourg Saint-Laurent.

Steven Roy

In October 2007, Steven Roy walked into Santropol Roulant by chance. The young neuroscience student had no idea that he had found the community agency to which he would donate some 1,000 hours of volunteer work over the next two-and-a-half years.

Brother Bertrand Fortin

Brother Bertrand Fortin has devoted his entire life to serving others. He developed his original way of mobilizing people in the community, providing them with the necessary tools to empower themselves, and encouraging volunteering in concrete projects during the 1940s.

Alexandra Vaillancourt

Alexandra Vaillancourt is an example of outstanding volunteer involvement in the community. Since 2007, she has been active at the Centre d’action bénévole de Saint-Hubert, a volunteer action centre, devoting a large part of her school holidays to its Meals-on-Wheels.

Christian Girard

A scout since childhood and an adult volunteer in the movement since 1996, Christian Girard has distinguished himself as an outstanding scout leader, coach and trainer.

Robert Proulx

Since the late 1970s, Robert Proulx has been volunteering in his community with steadfast dedication. Many are the charitable causes which have benefited from the generosity and altruism of this multi-talented man.

Catherine Shvets

Since October 2005, Catherine Shvets has been offering academic support to a young allophone student from an immigrant family under the “Saturday school” program of the agency PROMIS.

Juliette Noël

A person of remarkable generosity, Juliette Noël is a highly committed woman in her seventies who gives over 1,000 hours of volunteer work every year to various caring organizations in her community and the Veterans’ Hospital of Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue.

Claude Caron

Claude Caron, a social worker and visual impairment rehabilitation officer by profession, founded L’Antre-Temps Longueuil in 1985. This youth agency offers food, shelter and support to distressed young people between the ages of 16 and 21.

Lucille Girard

Lucille Girard is co-founder of the Maison des grands-parents de Villeray, a “grandparents” centre which offers seniors the opportunity to participate in socio-familial activities and to develop ties with the members of younger generations.

Collectif de parents

France-Lyne Carbonneau, Line Lacaille, Micheline Lamoureux and Danielle Lavigne, four courageous mothers of runaway teenagers decided to mobilize in order to combat the widespread prejudice against street kids.

Yves Déziel

Yves Déziel first became involved in the Centre d'intégration à la vie active pour les personnes vivant avec un handicap physique (C.I.V.A.) in 1983.

Colette Rondeau

Colette Rondeau discovered Alternative-Centregens in 1993. This agency helps South-Shore residents with mental health problems to reintegrate into society or to remain functional.