Vincent de Villiers

April 2009

Vincent de Villiers is an example of resilience. After being abandoned by his parents, he spent his childhood and teenage years in a psychiatric institution.

In 1960, Mr. de Villiers was at the side of Abbot Roger Roy during the creation of the Compagnons de Montréal, an agency which was intended at the outset to help people coming out of institutions. In 1980, he was elected Chair of the Board of Directors of the Compagnons de Montréal, and four years later, he was appointed its Executive Director. During the 1980s and 1990s, the agency expanded its services to include literacy courses, short term emergency housing and a food counter. In 1995, Vincent de Villiers proposed that the mandate of the Compagnons de Montréal be redefined to take into account that the orphans it served were aging. The agency began to focus on supporting adults with intellectual disabilities. New developments followed on one another: a respite service was set up for those who care for people with intellectual disabilities, an activity centre was established, a house was purchased and turned into a residence for agency clients, and the agency itself moved to larger premises.

As a person, Vincent de Villiers warmly encourages everyone helped by the agency while accepting them as they are. As Executive Director of the Compagnons de Montréal, he is always looking for new opportunities to offer the best possible service to the community.

Centraide has supported the Compagnons de Montréal since 1980.
Vincent de Villiers is the winner of the Gilles Cousineau Award 2009.