Sylvie Rochette

April 2008

Sylvie Rochette has headed the Regroupement des Magasins-Partage de l’île de Montréal (RMPIM) since the mid-1990s. This association supports local community agencies that organize Holiday Season and back-to-school “share stores,” and promotes the concept to other agencies. During her tenure, the number of share stores on the Island of Montreal has more than doubled, jumping from 15 to 31. The existence and vigorous growth of this association are due to Mrs. Rochette’s perseverance, passion and outstanding involvement.

In the beginning RMPIM had very limited material, financial and human resources. But thanks to her strong leadership and people skills, Rochette managed to assemble a strong team and a vast network of faithful partners.

The fact that she serves today on several social and economic development committees attests to the strong credibility she has earned both in the business community and in the community-based network. Under Rochette’s leadership, RMPIM has become a major force in promoting food security in Montreal.

Centraide has supported the Regroupement des Magasins-Partage de l’île de Montréal (RMPIM) since 1997.
Sylvie Rochette is the winner of the Gilles Cousineau Award 2008.