Sylvie Rémillard

April 2004

In 1993, Sylvie Rémillard managed to bring together various social partners and convince them of the need to establish a collective kitchen project in St-Rémi. A few years later, this visionary woman was at the helm of the Centre de solidarité Familial ― Sourire sans faim, a food assistance agency for needy local families and individuals. Over the years, the agency has supplemented its collective kitchen program with a drop-in facility, early stimulation workshops for 1-4 year olds, a meals-on-wheels, and several other activities designed to promote the self-reliance of needy families in the Montérégie region.

Sylvie Rémillard is dedicated to developing community action, and she makes a point of keeping her partners fully abreast of the needs of the less fortunate. Thanks to her thorough knowledge of poverty and the problems associated with it, she has been able to develop services which are adapted to the culture and characteristics of this essentially rural community.

A woman of many facets ― mother, housewife, career woman and involved citizen ― and boundless energy, Sylvie Rémillard actively participates in several neighbourhood committees, organizes an annual symposium on poverty related issues and, over the years, has managed to cement solid ties with the various organizations in the territory served by her agency.

On the basis of her extensive experience and many accomplishments, Sylvie Rémillard has become a driving force behind community-based efforts to help families and combat poverty in the Montérégie region.

Centraide has supported Sourire sans faim since 1996.
Sylvie Rémillard is the winner of the Gilles Cousineau Award 2004.