Pierre Gaudreau

April 2016

Pierre Gaudreau has been at the helm of the RAPSIM for 12 years. During this time, he has used his many skills to do everything he can to defend the rights of the homeless and create greater ties among the member agencies of the RAPSIM network. 

Pierre Gaudreau came to the RAPSIM with great experience in the area of advocacy. He quickly found ways to increase the visibility of homelessness and its issues. Through ongoing education, he gives a voice to homeless people so that they can stand up for their rights. 

The RAPSIM network agencies have nothing but praise for Pierre Gaudreau. They put their full trust in this bold and persevering leader who brings people together and serves as an excellent spokesperson for the issues of homelessness while easily juggling the realities of the RAPSIM's 104 agencies. His job has not always been easy, as a large amount of education and awareness work had to be done to reveal the multiple faces of homelessness. 

Thanks to his great talent for communicating with the public, Pierre Gaudreau is a go-to spokesperson for the cause. The proof: he is interviewed by major media outlets between 150 to 175 times a year. 

His composure, diplomacy and care to maintain constructive relationships with public institutions are most likely the secrets to his successful partnerships and achievements. 

Pierre Gaudreau also played a major role in the creation of alternatives to the prosecution of street youth, who, when faced with many fines they can't pay, often end up in jail. Thanks to his involvement, many young people can avoid the court system through community work , and this program drew the attention of the Minister of Justice. 

In 2014, the RAPSIM won the Mayor of Montréal’s Democracy Award for helping the homeless who visit these agencies to exercise their right to vote, as the simple fact of not having an address greatly reduces one's chances of having a say in elections. 

Centraide has been supporting the RAPSIM since 1982.

Pierre Gaudreau is the winner of the Solidaires Leadership 2016.