Pierre G. Cartier

April 2017

Pierre G. Cartier, who has a deep motivation for collective well-being, demonstrates inspiring leadership as the executive director of Corporation de L’Étincelle in Saint-Henri.

The goal of this agency is to help disadvantaged families, children, seniors or people with disabilities enjoy an experience at Centre Plein Air L’Étincelle (in Lanaudière) in a safe environment that fosters self-renewal, empowerment, personal growth and family connection. The centre provides accommodation and food and runs outdoor sports, cultural and recreational activities.

Over the years, Mr. Cartier has put his expertise as a managerial accountant and his vast nonprofit experience to work for the Corporation de L’Étincelle and various other agencies that he is associated with. He has definitely played an active role in enhancing the camps for vulnerable families and youth.

He has strengthened his loyal team by providing exemplary working conditions. This tireless and enthusiastic go-getter doesn’t need to ask people to act: simply being at the heart of the whirlwind of activity around him inspires people to give their all. He is a fair and grateful leader who recognizes and brings out the best in people.

His overall vision and honed business sense have allowed him to improve the agency in many areas, such as implementing and optimizing the reception process and creating accessibility policies for underprivileged and vulnerable clients.

Some of Mr. Cartier’s innovations show his particular brand of boldness and his confidence in human nature. He has helped the Centre Plein Air L’Étincelle develop by investing in social and cultural diversity and by respecting everyone’s individual characteristics. People from disadvantaged backgrounds spend time with people who are more well-off. People with physical or intellectual impairments share the camp with people who don't have disabilities.

Pierre G. Cartier firmly believes that there is strength in numbers. This belief underlies his legendary availability and his involvement with many agencies and bodies that are connected to the Corporation's mission. A broad circle of people have been touched by his leadership and include people who attend the camp, staff, suppliers, partners and other people in the Quebec camp community. They all feel the same way about him.

Centraide has been supporting the Corporation de l'Étincelle (St-Henri) - Centre Plein Air l'Étincelle since 2012.

Pierre G. Cartier is the winner of the Solidaires Leadership 2017.