Marie-Lyne Brunet

April 2012

Marie-Lyne Brunet knows Je Passe Partout like the back of her hand. First as a community worker, then successively as a member of the board of directors, coordinator, public relations officer and, most recently, executive director of the agency, she has become a true ambassador for academic perseverance in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve.

Her vocation for community work first made itself felt while she was doing her internship towards a degree in education. “It really bothered me to leave behind the students who couldn’t to keep up with the rest of the group,” this charismatic young woman confided to the daily newspaper La Presse a few months ago.

After being very involved in the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve community since 1999, Marie-Lyne Brunet finally found her true calling in 2003 when she joined the team at Je Passe Partout, whose mission is to promote the academic success of those kids who are being left behind, and also to support their parents.

Dynamic, versatile and a quick study, Marie-Lyne Brunet has stood out in every position she has held and in the process become a remarkable asset for the agency. As a community worker, she showed herself to be highly effective in helping families with serious psychosocial problems. As a coordinator, she quickly gained the appreciation of local school staff by establishing a new academic support program for high-school students. In her present position, she contributes considerably to the agency’s reputation and influence in the neighbourhood, as well as with the media and funding bodies, especially through giving presentations organized by Centraide of Greater Montreal.

Since becoming executive director of Je Passe Partout in August of 2011, Marie-Lyne Brunet has strengthened the team spirit that animates its staff. She now wants to find the means to maximize the agency’s academic support services in order to continue fighting school dropout more effectively than ever.

Centraide has supported Je Passe Partout  since 1997.
Marie-Lyne Brunet is the winner of the Solidaires NextGen 2012.