Lorraine Decelles

April 2007

A model of social commitment, Lorraine Decelles is coordinator of La Maison d’Aurore, a community agency dedicated to organizing self-help networks in the Plateau Mont-Royal district. The agency also offers support for families, homework assistance and collective kitchens. Under the direction of Mrs. Decelles, who has worked at La Maison d’Aurore since the mid-1980s, this dynamic agency has developed its full potential and truly come into its own.

Thanks to Mrs. Decelles’ deep commitment to her community, La Maison d’Aurore has become a rallying point for all the social actors in the Plateau Mont-Royal. The agency enables them to pool their resources in order to bring low-income persons out of their isolation and empower them to take charge of their lives. With her abounding sense of humanity and outstanding professional abilities, Lorraine Decelles has shown that by harnessing the forces of concerted action, mutual aid and solidarity, you can improve the lives of many people.

Centraide has supported La Maison d’Aurore since 1984.
Lorraine Decelles is the winner of the Gilles Cousineau Award 2007.