Daphné Mailloux-Rousseau

April 2014

Daphné Mailloux-Rousseau was the most likely candidate to take over L’Ancre des Jeunes in 2011. A member of the agency’s Board of Directors at the time, this young psychoeducator who worked in disadvantaged schools knew better than anyone the potential of this agency and the young people who came there.

Since she began her position, this young woman's dynamic and pragmatic spirit has been a driver of true growth for this only agency in the Sud-Ouest territory that provides programs for students returning to their studies. The goal: help as many students as possible overcome their academic and personal problems so that they can obtain their high school diplomas.

A challenge that is anything but trivial. In the territory of the CSSS du Sud-Ouest–Verdun alone, the dropout rate is 48% compared to 32% for the entire Island of Montreal. L’Ancre des Jeunes gives a last chance at academic success to students whose complex problems (i.e., academic, family or relationship issues; poverty; abuse; low self-esteem; drug addiction) are seen as too much of a burden for the school system. No matter what their difficulties, “no student drops out of the learning process,” declared Daphné Mailloux-Rousseau.

Thanks to her vision and leadership, 50% more students have been receiving personalized, unique and proven coaching from L’Ancre des Jeunes since 2011. In 2011-2012, the rate of young people who went back to school was 100%, compared to 80% for previous years. Today, the agency offers return-to-school services specifically for vulnerable adult education students, a growing academic sector whose population is getting younger. Summer activities for young people, which the community has long been pushing for, have been created to prevent poor lifestyle choices (risky sexual behaviour, early alcohol, drug abuse) that could detract from teens' academic success. L’Ancre des Jeunes is also interested in the specific reasons why girls and women drop out of school.

A skilled and passionate communicator, Daphné Mailloux-Rousseau has done a great deal to promote L’Ancre des Jeunes among the public, particularly by participating in many talks organized by Centraide of Greater Montreal. In fact, the agency’s reputation continues to grow: because of its success, the L’Ancre des Jeunes model is attracting more and more attention and could soon be implemented in other sectors in Greater Montreal.

Centraide has supported L'Ancre des Jeunes since 1993.

Daphné Mailloux-Rousseau is the winner of the Solidaires NextGen 2014.